Ms Pauline So


Consulting Times:

Tuesdays from 09 am to 13.00 hrs.
Wednesdays 09.00 - 19.00.


Consultation and treatment 1 hour £55-£65
Consultation and treatment plus facial rejuvenation
1 hour 15 mins from £90

Special rates are available when booking more than one session. Please telephone clinic to enquire.
Fees for specific treatments vary, please contact our team for further details.

All our practitioners are independent self-employed professionals, fully registered and privately insured. College Clinic Ltd. accepts no liability for any of the practitioners working from its premises and/or their professional practice. Please make an enquiry at our Reception Desk or email us to for further details.

Pauline graduated in 1990 from the Chung San college of acupuncture in London and then went on to further studies in advanced acupuncture techniques at the Guanzhou University of TCM in China.

She also has extensive training and experience in facial acupuncture and massage, both in the UK and Asia. This has become a popular and natural treatment for the reduction of signs of ageing.

Her earlier background as an owner of a whole food and food supplement business has enabled her to see ‘food as medicine’ and advise accordingly.

Pauline treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, such as digestive issues, allergies, migraines, woman’s health; fertility, hormone problems, menstrual and menopausal.

Also neck/back/ shoulder problems, joint pain and arthritis.

Acupuncture can also be of benefit for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia.


and the ones you love with whatever your healthcare needs and requirements are.