Dr Christoph Kuhn


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Friday 10.00 - 14.00


Initial consultation from £100
Follow up consultations from £80
Fees for specific treatments vary, please contact our team for further details.

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Dr Christoph Kuhn has been living in Marbella, Spain since January 2009.

He is married with three adult children who are living in Germany. Dr Kuhn has studied medicine at the University of Ulm in the south of Germany and started his education in specialist dermatology whilst there.

After 2 years working at the university of Wurzburg he became the senior consultant at the department of dermatology in the University of Ulm and the Military Hospital in Ulm.

Since 1998 Dr Kuhn has been leading a large association of skin doctor specialists inGunzburg/Bavaria.

Apart form working in the College Clinic in Gibraltar he is currently working at the Clinica Picasso in Marbella, Spain.

Dr Kuhn treats all kinds of diseases of the skin, hair and nails:

  • Infections caused by bacterias, viruses or fungi’s
  • Typical inflammatory diseases like psoriasis vulgaris or atopic eczema
  • Treatment of all benign or malignant tumours of the skin
  • Minor surgery using local anaesthesia
  • Treatment of allergic diseases like food allergies, contact dermatitis, allergic rhinitis or drug allergy
  • Diseases of the veins like varicosis and other
  • Treatment of sexual transmitted diseases
  • Treatment of the diseases of the anal region
  • Questions of cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology
  • Damaged skin by UV radiation

Allergic reactions?

That insufferable itching, redness and inflammation of the skin caused by an allergic reaction can drive us all to distraction.

Contact dermatitis can be caused by any substances: metals, perfumes, colourings etc. Principally nearly every substance may cause such a reaction. The task is to find out which substance is causing the problem- which can be done by doing a simple skin test.

Food allergies are the most common type of allergy and can sometimes be determined by a skin test. In practice, however, we very often find that a skin test does not give us a definitive result, therefore leaving us with a process of food elimination, using diet plans and excluding aliments as the way forward.

Insect stings can cause nasty allergic reactions and can be fatal.

It is important to find out which insect is responsible. Skin and blood tests can be done and also a hyposensibilisation treatment which is the creation of an immune tolerance. This is done by introducing the allergen in very small amounts , gradually increasing the dose until the immune system shows tolerance to the antigen.

There are , of course, many daily items that we come across that can also cause us to react in an allergic way…pollen, house dust mites ,animal hair are only a few examples. For these a simple prick test to analyse the blood ( IGE) will tell us what is causing the problem so that we can try and avoid it where possible and seek further treatment to ease our future suffering.

Dr Christoph Kuhn, Specialist Dermatologist, consults at the College Clinic in Regal House on a weekly basis. He can diagnose allergies and also provide any necessary follow up treatment.

He specialises in all types of skin problems and also performs minor surgery within the College Clinic.


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