Dr Wolfgang Kleimeier

PhD MD - Consultant Surgeon and Specialist Urologist

Consulting Times:

Friday 3pm - 8pm


Initial consultation £90
Surgical Advice consultation £45
Fees for specific treatments vary, please contact our team for further details.

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Dr Wolfgang Kleimeier


Dr Kleimeier has trained in Germany, USA and France.

He has had his own private practice in Marbella since 1997 with special emphasis on outpatient operations under local anaesthetic.

Operations (in and outpatient surgery): Vasectomies, circumcisions, hydrocele, ultrasound, prostate biopsy(amongst others) performed in Gibraltar.

Incontinence treatment: Complete work-up including cystoscopy and urinary flow. Latest treatment available for women without surgery on an outpatient plan.

  • Fertility work up: Hormone profile, ultrasound of testicles, sperm analysis. Experience from running outpatient clinics in university hospitals for erectile dysfunction
  • Well man clinics: Including lab test, ultrasound, cancer prevention.
  • Sexual therapy
  • Anti-aging concepts
  • Children and women also treated, operations on babies also possible.

Co-operation with major renowned clinics Europe-wide have been established to facilitate the best possible/available treatment. Actively involved in clinical investigations on prostate cancer, coordinating Europe-wide amongst other activities during his research.



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