Geoffrey Wattinne


Consulting Times:

Wednesdays 10hrs to 14hrs

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Osteopathy is based on three fundamental principles:

– A person’s health is under the influence of its body and mind.
– The body’s structures (muscles, bones and nerves) and the body’s functions (digestion, breathing) are closely related.
– The body has a natural tendency to heal itself.
Each individual is unique and carries the traces of different wounds and emotions suffered during the course of life. Our posture adapts to our exterior and interior environments as well as our life experiences.
The role of Mr. Wattinne is to ensure that the muscle and skeletal system is in symbiosis with the body’s physiology. Problems manifesting at a muscle and skeletal level can generate nervous, circulatory, digestive or hormonal dysfunctions and vice versa.

Within these three fundamental principles, Mr. Wattinne will use different approaches according to each patient.

Mr. Geoffrey Wattinne has a diploma in the European School of Osteopathy (Great Britain) and is specialised in relaxation of chronic injuries of patients. He is a member of the General Osteopathic Council of England (GOSC) and a member of the Register of Osteopaths of Spain (ROE).

Mr. Geoffrey Wattinne is fluent in Spanish, French and English.


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