Ms Aylen Vielma

Clinical Psychologist Bsc(Hons)

Consulting Times:

Thursdays - please contact the clinic for available times


Initial consultation £77
Follow up consultations £55

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Aylen is a certified and fully qualified specialist in Clinical Psychology, with over eighteen years of progressive professional experience in providing individual assessment, diagnosis and psychological therapies for adults of different ages, gender, personal circumstances and from diverse nationalities and social-cultural backgrounds.

She is committed to deliver the highest quality of psychological care, offering an integral, thoughtful and ethical professional approach, conducted in a confidential and supportive setting, being centered on the client’s best interest and the promotion of integral wellbeing and dignity.

Her expertise is based on collaborating with clients on problem solving processes, related to emotions, thoughts, behaviours and relationships, carrying out a practical and effective assessment and brief treatment plan to achieve mutually agreed objectives within a reasonable time frame.

In the course of the therapeutic process, Aylen facilitates aspects related to the development of insight, coping strategies, personalized techniques, relevant knowledge, emotional and social skills, decision making, autonomy, self-esteem and self-care, effective communication and relationships; equanimity, resilience, hardiness, engagement, motivation, acceptance, commitment and empowerment.

Aylen fosters processes of collaborative focused coaching, as well as personal learning and growth, awareness and development of personal virtues and character strengths. This assists clients to meet goals, reach their potential, cope actively and constructively to overcome human adversities or to live with some conditions, feeling more relaxed, confident and fulfilled with themselves, their relationships and life styles.

The psychological therapy consists of some sessions to implement the treatment plan based on the case formulation. It comprises reflective and active verbal processing, acquisition and application of techniques and strategies, homework and exercises. The number, length and regularity of the treatment sessions are always agreed by client and therapist, according to the requirements and objectives. A full psychological assessment and comprehensive written report may comprise of some sessions to carry out clinical interviews and standardized tests. These services are provided in English or Spanish.

Aylen facilitates an effective professional liaison and mediation with doctors, specialists and local institutions (under client informed consent), whenever inter-professional assistance is required to contribute to a holistic care plan.

The specialized services provided by Aylen are derived from an insightful and competent application of scientific knowledge and systematic psychological techniques, in light of the individual differences. She has developed a comprehensive and practical working style taking into account a range of psychotherapeutic modes of intervention (cognitive, behavioural, systemic, psychodynamic, humanistic and integrative) to meet the needs and choices of clients. Albeit, she predominantly works with cognitive-behavioural therapy and a biopsychosocial framework.

Her psychotherapeutic services endeavours to assist clients to overcome or ameliorate a wide range of difficulties regarding: depression and mood disorders, anxiety (panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, health anxiety, obsessions, compulsions and trauma), anger management, low self-esteem, identity and gender issues; life changes, relationships, loss and bereavement; psychological reactions associated to medical conditions; troublesome habits and character traits, stress (work related stress, bullying at work, burnout), adjustment reactions to life events or adverse circumstances.

Aylen has extensive qualifications, wide academic, research and clinical training accomplished with distinctions. She firstly obtained an Honours Degree in Psychology (1991-1996) from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) where she gained five years of theoretical and practical training, being awarded with the mention Magna Cum Laude and Publication Mention for her research work. Secondly, she undertook a postgraduate specialization course of three years at the University Hospital of Caracas (HUC-UCV), and obtained the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (1997-1999), receiving Honourable and Publication Mention for her research contribution toward Health Psychology. During this training she gained valuable experience as clinician and therapist while working as a full time psychologist trainee, under supervision, in a multidisciplinary team, for diverse medical departments, settings and a broad range of clients groups. Thirdly, Aylen studied two years in a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Research Program (2005-2007) in the Personality Department at Malaga University, where she obtained the Accreditation in Research Proficiency and Advance Studies on Personality, Psychological Assessment and Treatment. At present she is a PhD candidate researching in the area of positive psychology and wellbeing at the workplace. Aylen has obtained official recognition for her qualifications by Malaga University, and the Spanish Ministry of Education, as well as the registration for her private practice with the Spanish Official Society of Psychologist (COP) and other relevant European Psychology Associations, in addition to the Registry of Professions in Gibraltar.

Aylen practiced in Venezuela as member of the Society of Psychologist (FVP) from 1996 to 2002 at a number of prestigious Universities, General Hospitals, Government Departments, Psychiatric Hospitals and Private Clinics.

Since 2003 Aylen has been offering private and public services in Gibraltar and supporting charity causes. She worked at the GHA, Clinical Psychology Department firstly as Honorary Member (2003) and subsequently as Locum Clinical Psychologist (2004-2005) in cooperation with Dr. Graham McColl. At the same time she became an adviser and co-founder for the local anti-bullying NGO “Dignity at Work Now” and started her private practice in collaboration with Dr. Beguelin’s Clinic as well as at the College Clinic.


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